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2 1/2" G355 Silicone Connector

Silicone is one of the most stable rubbers. It remains flexible and resists aging after prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures, weather, ozone, and oil. This long-lasting property yields hoses that operate reliably in environments which destroy most other rubbers. Because silicone does not harden and crack with age, silicone radiator hose will give a service life of one-half million miles or more on highway trucks and buses - much longer than standard coolant hoses.

Clamps: Wire clamps are not suitable for silicone hoses. For heater hose and small sizes of coolant hose we recommend extended tang worm-gear clamps (part number G7ET). Extended tang clamps are designed to prevent damage to the outside cover of the hose, normally caused by serrations on standard gear clamps. Recommended torque is 30-40 inch pounds. G5A non-perforated type 316 stainless clamps are popular for silicone hose in marine applications for added corrosion resistance. For larger sizes we recommend G39 spring-loaded T-Bolt clamps to maintain even clamping pressure. Re-check clamps shortly after installation (when
engine is cold).

In some applications where the distance between the engine and radiator connection is very short, the vibration and movement will cause premature failure of standard coolant hoses. G355 connectors (often known as hump hoses) feature corrugated sections supported by steel rings that allow for much greater flexing than a standard hose.

Tube: Smooth, blue, silicone rubber

Reinforcement: Three plies of polyester fabric with exterior steel rings.

Cover: Blue silicone rubber

Temperature Range: -55C (-67F) to 175C (347F).

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  • Model: G355-250

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